Scherrer necklace enamel & pearls 1980’s


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Necklace Jean-Louis Scherrer – enamel & faux pearls 1980’s

A striking piece of fashion jewelry is this necklace with 3 strings of faux pearls, jet and green beads and a centerpiece in pink, green, black and blue enamel and gild.

Very eighties. You either hate or love the combination of the softness of the pearls and the boldness of the centerpiece. I love it!

Signed on the back of the centerpiece.

All Scherrer jewelry pieces in my collection are from an inheritance of one of the designers who worked for Scherrer in Paris from 1980 – 1995. These pieces have only been used in the Haute Couture shows of Scherrer in Paris. Some of the jewelry is signed, others are not, because they are one-of-a-kinds and were especially designed to match a certain garment, so called Runway pieces.